Like all forms of discrimination or harassment, racial discrimination is barred by two federal laws. Title VII and 42 USC §1981 make it illegal for employers to make employment decisions on the basis of an individual’s race. This includes state and local governments. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination also makes racial discrimination unlawful. The lawyers at Zuckerman & Fisher L.L.C. in Princeton represent plaintiffs in discrimination cases throughout New Jersey.

Racial discrimination includes:

  • Racial harassment
  • Failure to hire or promote
  • Creation of a hostile work environment regarding race
  • Termination due to race

When you contact us, our attorneys listen to the details of your situation and advise you regarding the viability of your case. We have extensive experience guiding individuals through the legal process.

In addition to matters involving race discrimination, our Mercer County age discrimination attorneys and Mercer County sexual orientation attorneys stand ready to protect the rights of individuals who have suffered discrimination or harassment.

Mercer County racial discrimination attorneys

Determining whether you have a claim for racial discrimination requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you believe you are the victim of racial discrimination, please contact the law office of Zuckerman & Fisher, L.L.C. online or at 609.514.0514 to speak with a seasoned discrimination attorney in Mercer County.