After spending decades building your career and amassing positive performance reviews, you are suddenly passed over for a promotion or laid off in favor of someone younger and less experienced. Or perhaps you interviewed for a job which you did not receive even though you were the most qualified candidate. While there could be a reasonable explanation for your employer or potential employer’s decision, you could in fact be a victim of age discrimination.

The Mercer County lawyers at Zuckerman & Fisher, L.L.C. in Princeton can help. Since 1997 we have dedicated our practice to protecting the rights of workers throughout New Jersey. We understand the professional and personal toll employment discrimination can have on you — and the financial, mental and emotional consequences involved. We are committed to obtaining the best possible results in your case through experience, thorough preparation and individual attention.

Age discrimination in the workplace

Age discrimination refers to an employer or entity making decisions involving the following based on age:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employee privileges
  • Hiring
  • Promotions and demotions
  • Terms of employment
  • Wrongful termination

In New Jersey, employees who are at least 18 years of age are protected by age discrimination laws, defined by the federal government as the act of treating a job applicant or employee less favorably because of his or her age. Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), individuals age 40 and older are protected from discrimination in the workplace.

Central New Jersey Employment Attorneys

Determining whether you have a claim for age discrimination requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you believe you are the victim of age discrimination, please contact the law office of Zuckerman & Fisher, L.L.C. online or at 609.514.0514 to speak with a seasoned discrimination attorney in Mercer County.