Not all harassment is against the law.  If you are being harassed due to your protected status (such as age, race, gender, disability, etc.), then you may have a claim under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD).  If, on the other hand, your boss or your co-workers are making your workplace unpleasant, but not because of any protected status or conduct, then there may not be much a lawyer can do for you.  We can discuss your situation with you over the phone and, if it appears you are the victim of illegal harassment, we will invite you in for an initial consultation.  During the initial consultation, our goal is to learn more information from you about what is happening in the workplace and to provide you with advice about options for moving forward.  We may be able to negotiate a resolution on your behalf or, if the matter warrants it, we are available to file a lawsuit to recover economic and emotional damages you have suffered.